Jenny Yarbrough

Owner, Jenny Yarbrough Designs

Artist, Graphic & Web Designer

Jenny is a a wife and mama. She graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art from Westmont College and been freelance designing since 2010.


Jenny loves to spend time with her family. She enjoys drawing, painting, BBQing, attending classic car shows, supporting local artists and musicians, cooking, hiking, and beach days.

Jenny has a passion for giving back to her community. She is a long time supporter of veterans. For years, Jenny has worked hard to raise money for local veterans programs in Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties. She enjoys spending time with veterans and their families. Jenny also has a heart for mothers in crisis and works with TenderLife Maternity Home. She believes mothers need to support each other and helps the home whenever she can.

"I am a 6 six foot tall glass of water with a passion for the arts!

I would love to work with you. Thank you for checking out my site!"

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